Moses Moms is an acronym that stands for mothers of special education students. The very telling name came to  Sharon Comer Weatherspoon by way of a still small voice, and a call to action to raise awareness about the special needs of mothers of special education students and to admonish them to do one thing differently, prepare for the future NOW!

Sharon is the parent of a son on the Autism Spectrum. Responding to her call, she advanced the mission of Moses Moms, USA on March 4, 2017.  As an Ambassador of the Keitt Institute, she rallied a group of mothers of special education students to attend the Keitt Institute’s "POWERHER EXPERIENCE" in Atlanta, GA. It was an idea fueled by her passion to bring moms to the Experience to be encouraged and empowered. She used seed money from Thrivent Financial Action Teams for this educational outreach. Thrivent Financial is a membership organization of Christians of which she is a member. A former Director of Congregational Advocates for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Sharon raised awareness and funds as an advocate for the special needs of individuals and organizations serving families living with disabilities.


Since 2017 Sharon has continued her outreach by hosting informational workshops and educational events for the local community with the intention of advancing the mission of Moses Moms. Statistics indicate that nearly 85% of the disabled population are un-churched. As such, Sharon believes that there is a role for every Christian congregation in the mission of Moses Moms, USA.  


With the dawning of a new decade, the 2020 vision for Moses Moms, USA has expanded as the CSR initiative of The Ability Group. TAG is a creative services, and brand management company.  The mission of Moses Moms will now include a focus on outreach to local Christian Congregations for social impact. We will measure the success of this initiative as we build bridges between Christian discipleship, mothers of special education students in the community, and loving, supportive small groups for them in the local Christian church.  With each Moses Moms Connect Group Charter, The Ability Group will donate 10% of its gross profits annually to the work of a non-profit organization and others caring for the special needs community. 


With the passing of the ABLE ACT of 2014, the need for preparation today for tomorrow has never been greater!  



The Founding Moses Moms Group meets in West Cobb County, GA, the third Saturday of every month online. Visit Our Events Page For Details





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