3 Steps to Starting a Moses Mom, USA 

Connect Group in Your Christian Congregation


Recruit Relay Team 

(90 days before launch)

• To launch Miriam's Relay, present the overview of Moses Moms, USA to the Director of  Christian Women's Ministry and to the First Lady of the church. Ask for their participation as members on the Miriams Relay team, to gain vision, unity, and prayer for the mission.



Cross the Signature Line

60 days before launch)

• Recruit the Pastor and church leaders to review the church agreement and for the signature from the senior leadership to CROSS THE SIGNATURE LINE!

• Recruit the Pastor, church leaders, and members to join in the prayer for the mission as a church-wide experience.

  • Appoint committee group leaders and attend the webinar orientation.

  • The Charter Membership is $299.00 - Membership kit will be sent via mail.

  • The Annual Renewal Membership is $150.00



     Fine Tune and Promote the Mission     (30 days to launch)

• Plan a sign-up Sunday for registration of new group attendees. Provide a brief introduction to the monthly cell/small group experience.

• Utilize the bulletin insert and other promotional resources on the enclosed in the church curriculum kit..

• Include bulletin inserts for three Sundays prior to launch.

The Founding Moses Moms Group meets in West Cobb County, GA, the third Saturday of every month online. Visit Our Events Page For Details





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